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Sunni Baluchi scientist warns of changing demographics in the occupied Baluchistan

Mokhtar Naim Copenhagen Sheikh Adan "Maulvi Isa Amiri," university professor "Al-Haramain Islamic" in Habhar Balochi and one of the largest Sunni Community Scholars, delete, rename, strongly occupied Baluchistan textbooks and government departments, warning the government from the reaction of the Baloch people against the move. Said Sheikh Maulvi Isa Amiri: We are concerned about what is happening to change the composition of the population in the province of Balochistan and strongly condemn delete, rename the province of textbooks and government departments, adding that blood Baluchi and can not any ability in the world can change this blood, there and as long as the people of Belushi in this Earth will not allow delete the designation of Baluchistan province. He called Maulvi Isa universities and schools in the occupied Baluchistan educate generations on what is happening from the injustice against the Baloch people, as Sunni scholars in all Muslim countries c

Baloch intellectuals missing in action

In any movement Intellectuals form backbone , unfortunately they are missing in action, probably they know well that your movement is nothing but rhetorics and slogans and no  sincere effort * Who * are Baloch Intellectuals ? * What * they are doing at this crucial moment, that are missing in action? * When * they will come out from hiding? * Where * are they residing? * Why * they are not in the forefront in hilighting and articulating the problem? Is it because of fear of painting political color by political groups , as which group he or she belong? * How * Baloch will bring them into forefront and use them for your cause to contribute their Share of effort for your struggle?

Two brothers of HR body chief among three found shot dead PUBLISHED about 9 hours ago GWADAR: Three bullet-riddled bodies were found in the hilly area of Gomazi and Zamran of Kech district on Saturday. Levies rushed to the area after receiving information about the dumped bodies and shifted them to the district hospital Turbat. They were identified as Baloch Khan, B.Bakar and Mughir Baloch. Two of them are brothers. After identification, the bodies were handed over to families. According to reports, bullet marks were found on different parts of the victims’ bodies. Two of them — Baloch Khan and B.Bakar — are brothers of the chairperson of Baloch Human Rights Organi­sation, Gul Bibi. Levies officials said that all the three persons belonged to a banned militant outfit. Published in Dawn, December 18th, 2016