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China and Pakistan are hand in glove in oppressing Baloch people: Naela Quadri Baloch By Arun Lakshman | New Delhi The President of the World Woman's Baloch Forum and a towering leader of the Balochisthan National Movement Prof Naela Qaudri Baloch has said that Pakistan is a failed state and there is no Civil government at all there. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawas Shaerief is a puppet of the Pakistani army and is corrupt to the core and has no moral right to continue. China and Pakistan are together in looting and exploting Baloch people and China has mined and looted tonns of precious minerals from Baloch province with the support of Pakistan army. Naela Qaudri Baloch in a free wheeling interview What is the Baloch National movement as such? It's a movement by the people of Balochisthan against the illegal occupation of Balochisthan by the failed state of Pakistan and its army. Its against the oppressors and the movement is headed by the intellectulas and the young educated people of Balochisthan who wants nothing l

Muneer Mengal and Khan Kalat in Bangladesh with Thinkers and Intellectuals

Muneer Mengal and Khan Kalat in Bangladesh with Think Tank people