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Conceptual confusion in dealing with Pakistan

— By  Sushant Sareen  | Sep 27, 2016 06:15 am One of the fundamental problems in India’s inability to deal effectively with a rogue state like Pakistan is the appalling failure to understand the character, psyche, and mentality of the adversary. Take for instance the constant attempt in India to make a distinction between the civilian and military establishments in Pakistan. This is nothing but an alibi that India gives to the Pakistanis. The fact is that both the civilians and the military share their antipathy for Hindus, and by extension, India. While some in India may think that at the very least making a distinction between civil and military in Pakistan will drive a wedge between them, what they are really doing is nothing more than beguiling themselves. The civil-military discord in Pakistan is at best a domestic issue and has little or no bearing on the Pakistani policy on India. Qu