Thursday, December 29, 2016

World Trends: Astrological predictions of 2017

Indian Astrology
Pandit Omkarnath predictions of 2017

2016 had its share of surprises in form of Brexit, US Poll, demonetization drive in India & terror as well as conflicts all over the world. Even, we all went through at least some major changes in our lives. 2017 also has some very potent and far reaching transits such as the Saturn move from Scorpio to Sagittarius & then an un-ceremonial kick back of it into Scorpio that would open a Pandora’s box worldwide. Jupiter would move into Libra & Rahu (the dragon’s head) & Ketu (the dragon’s tail) would shift into Cancer & Capricorn respectively. All these movements promise a very eventful year that could transform your life quite significantly & the 2017 related changes would have far reaching effect on you till 2019 at the least.

On a macro level the world trends seem to throw some surprising prospects:

Brexit - A solution might come about after end-January, only to be back tracked around June 2017. Some behind- the-scene negotiations might help with a rational solution after September 2017. A new law that might be termed controversial could be introduced by the UK.

Recession / Slow down - India & the USA might see the beginning of an economic slowdown & further a recession could loom large in the coming years due to changes that develop during 2017.

European Union - will find better economic prospects & a general revival can be expected.

China - could see a major economic change in fiscal policies or a devaluation to help get a trade boost. The changes could revitalize the Chinese economy.

Terror & Conflict effects could be present in areas such as Norway & Korea while Syria could burn again

As mentioned above, we are in for some major changes worldwide. The same planets that could cause these effects would be active in your charts too and would bring about some major changes that you are neither expecting nor anticipating currently

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