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Naela Quadri to speak in Thalassery

By N V Ravindranathan Nair  |  Express News Service  |   Published: 21st December 2016 01:54 AM  |  

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Baloch International Women’s Forum leader Naela Quadri   Baloch, who is in India as part of the efforts to reach out to the masses to mobilise support for forming a ‘Baloch government in exile’ is set to address a public meeting in Thalassery on December 28. She will speak at a meeting to be organised under the aegis of ‘Brennen Vibrant’, an organisation of the old ABVP activists of Brennen College, Thalassery.  

V Manivarnan, an office-bearer of Brennan Vibrant and Hindu Aikyavedi district general secretary, told ‘Express’ that Quadri would be speaking on the topic, ‘Freedom from oppressors, China and Pakistan.’ According to Manivarnan, the talk will focus on the Baloch national movement.  Quadri will also highlight the organised looting of Baloch people by China in collusion with the Pak army. “She has already written a letter to the mothers in China reminding them that the gold ornaments they wear were made by the gold illegally mined from Balochistan,” he said.

According to Brennan Vibrant workers, their purpose of bringing Naela to Thalassery to speak about the aspirations of the Baloch people, including their efforts to form a  ‘Government of Balochistan in exile’ was to sensitise   Keralites, especially the residents of the Communist fortress, about the tyranny of  the Pak army and the plight of the hapless citizens in Pakistan.
 Naela Quadri has stated that Pakistan was a failed state and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a  pawn in the hands of the Pak army, said Manivarnan.

‘’The Balochistan government in exile is an idea which is taking shape. It can be in India or anywhere else in the world, but the Baloch groups involved in fighting against the occupiers will soon make it a reality,” he said quoting Naela Quadri in an interview. Baloch rebel leaders have been citing Prime Minister  Narendra Modi raising the issue of Balochistan from the ramparts of the Red Fort during his Independence Day speech and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj raising the issue in UN General Assembly as clearly showing India’s position on the issue. Naela Quadri Baloch lives in Canada and is a professor by profession. Her husband has been a victim of Pakistani oppression over Baloch people.

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