Friday, December 16, 2016

Khan Kalat Speech at Center For Genocide Studies, Bangladesh

Ladies and gentlemen Baluchistan is an occupied land. There was not an annexation agreement between Kalat Baluchistan and Pakistan. Pakistan was allowed by the world powers in 1948 to invade Baluchistan by the barrel of the gun. Pakistan has accused India and others of supporting the Baluch struggle for an independent Baluchistan but failed to produce any evidence.

 The Baluch struggle for an independent Baluchistan is a home grown struggle. The Baluch have never stopped pursuing the case of illegal occupation and human rights violations in Baluchistan.

The Human rights, economic, social, conditions are very bad in Baluchistan. On human rights, “kill and dump” and forced disappearances there are no accurate reports. The Pakistani authorities have barred national and international journalists from reporting on Baluchistan. But according to Pakistani newspapers reports more than 1000 bodies have been discovered.

The Baluch  believe the number of killed and dumped persons by the state security agencies are much higher than have been reported. According to local sources more than 25000 people are missing and over one million are displaced so far.

Ladies and gentlemen these are not only numbers. These are human beings and they have God given right to live the dignified lives in their own God given land like the rest of humanity.  Pakistan’s rule over Baluchistan has never been legitimate, it has no moral authority, and it has lost control over Baluchistan.


Yesterday Pakistan committed genocide in your country now Pakistan is committing genocide in Baluchistan. The current Genocide which has started since 2004 is well documented. Mass graves have been found in Khuzdar Baluchistan and other locations. We believe it needs to be investigated by the international institutions.

Pakistan has been committing genocide in Baluchistan for all sort of reasons but the current major crime has been committed to fulfill the Chinese expansionist ambitions.  

In conclusion I would like to bring into everyone’s attention that CPEC is a Chinese military project. CPEC is an existential threat to the Baluch nation, India as well as American interests in the region.

The Baluch are not member of the united Nation But Bangladesh as the victim of Pakistani genocide and India as the Victim of Pakistan's terrorist are the members of the United State, they should support an independent Baluchistan as an ally in order to eradicate the threat of prominent terrorism in south Asia. In addition to that the United States and India as well as Bangladesh should call on Pakistan to stop the Baluch genocide and declare Pakistan as a terrorist states and actively seek the international support in the united Nations for independent Baluchistan. Also support the Baluch to bring those officials and Army Generals who have committed Crimes against the Baluch. To face justice for the crimes they have committed against the Baluch people.

It is time for the United Nations and the international community to declare Pakistan as a terrorist State and recognize Baluchistan as an occupied land. Bangladesh as the victim of Pakistan's genocide can play leading role. It is the time to support an independent Baluchistan.

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