Monday, December 26, 2016

Huge oil, gas reserves found in Balochistan


December 26, 2016

QUETTA:  A huge reserve of oil and gas has been found in Jandran area of Marri Agency of Balochistan.

These gas reserves are said to be much bigger than gas found in Sui Dera Bugti in early1950.

BalochHouse  Comment
Gas in Marri area is huge, this is a known fact to many . The infight  among Marri groups is primarily due to this fact.  While Changez Marri ,caim that he has blessings of all Marri tribal heads to extract coal, oil, gas. His brother Mehran says as per will of his father he is sardar. Focus of fight will soon shift to Marri area. We need to see how Khairbux Marri's divided family , and other powerful Marris under Hazar Khan Marri  will move their pawns for control and supremacy over the area.

Well placed sources confirmed that gas reserve found in Jandran region is much bigger than gas found in Sui Gas reserves from Sui first and followed by two other big reserves at Pir Koh and Loti field. 

Sui gas was main cause of industrial revolution in Pakistan mainly in Karachi and Central Punjab where gas replaced oil as an energy substitute.

The fourth gas reserve was also found in Bugti tribal territory in Uch Mountains and the gas is being used by a private concern producing electricity at the two Uch Power Plants near Dera Murad Jamali in Naseerabad.

The electricity produced at Uch Power Plant is sold to WAPDA and transmitted to National Grid in nearby province of Sindh and mainly its upper region.

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