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China and Pakistan are hand in glove in oppressing Baloch people: Naela Quadri Baloch

By Arun Lakshman | New Delhi

The President of the World Woman's Baloch Forum and a towering leader of the Balochisthan National Movement Prof Naela Qaudri Baloch has said that Pakistan is a failed state and there is no Civil government at all there. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawas Shaerief is a puppet of the Pakistani army and is corrupt to the core and has no moral right to continue. China and Pakistan are together in looting and exploting Baloch people and China has mined and looted tonns of precious minerals from Baloch province with the support of Pakistan army. Naela Qaudri Baloch in a free wheeling interview

What is the Baloch National movement as such?

It's a movement by the people of Balochisthan against the illegal occupation of Balochisthan by the failed state of Pakistan and its army. Its against the oppressors and the movement is headed by the intellectulas and the young educated people of Balochisthan who wants nothing less than independece from this illegal occupation. Our movement has doctors, engineers, professors and journalists among other educated middle class and we will throw these occupiers out of our home land. We are fighting with our back to the wall and is indeed a struggle for the survival.

You are planning a Balochistan government in Exile in India, Will it become a reality soon?

The Balochisthan government in exile is an idea and its progressing. It can be in India or anywhere else in the world but it will be a reality soon and the Baloch groups involved in fighting against the occupiers will soon make it a reality.

How well are you being treated by the Government of India?

We are given the moral support by the Government of India and I can say that we are well treated. The Government of India, especially the Prime Minister Modiji has raised the issue of Balochisthan from the Indian red fort during his independce day address as you all know. This has given us a great moral suport which we can never forget in the history of the Balochsthan national movements. The Indian external affairs minister Sushmaji raised our issue in the UN general assembly and this shows what the position of the government of India and the people of India are towards Baloch movement and the struggle we are into against occupiers and oppressors.

There are certain criticisms coming against you from certain quarters that you don't have a mandate to call for a Balochistan government in Exile in India, your comment?

Its not like that. All the groups or movements for the Balochisthan are in unison for this and its wrong to say that I don't have a mandate. All the groups for this will jointly form this and we are party to it. There may be differences of opinion but all are united for a separate Balochisthan and I favour a democracy wherein people and groups can differ for a cause and can reach a consensous at one point which is the Independence and soveriegnity of Balochisthan. So its wrong to say that I don't have a mandate as it's a joint movement.

You are a Professor and you are in exile in Canada, how is the west as such and its academic community reacting to the Balochistan movement?

In the international scenario, the think tanks and the western academician is supporting our cuase but its in limited circles and we have to develop these for lobbying. The Indian government is giving us moral support but if we get a material support and if the government gives separate visa forms to us and direct the Indian embassies across the globe on the same, then the scene is different and we will have our ambassadors in all world capitals to lobby for our cause.

Please tell us on the atrocities faced by the people of Balochistan from the civil government of Pakistan as well as the Military?

You cannot say that there is any civil government in Pakistan or rather Pakistan is not a state at all. It is a country created by the British for their own self interests. This country don't have any mandate among the people in Balochisthan, Sindh, Pashtun area and several other places. The Paksitan army and its corrupt generals are looting the country and is creating torture cells. They have killed thousands of Baloch freedom fighters, ordinary people and professionals who are against the occupation and oppression of the Pakistani army against us. You cant tell what all atrocities are faced by the people of Balochisthan and its even worse than those suffered by the people in Bangladesh during their freedom struggle. Pakistan army had killed several of our Baloch people and have started an international organ trading. They are experts in that and have used our people for their lungs, liver, heart and other vital parts for export in an international organ trade. The Pakistani army is also raping our women and recently a Baloch women, Shammy Baloch was raped and her mutilated body was thrown from an helicopter of the Pakistani army.

It is learnt that there are several fractions in Baluchistan who align with different ideologies on strategic alliances with respect to international relations, How can you survive in such a hostile environment with fissures from within?

Its all a conspiracy from certain quarters that we aligned to different ideologies and such, We are infact fighting for the Baloch people and we have overcome all the differences and is in a democratic process within ourselves .

The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor or rather CPEC has been a major issue raised by the Baloch moement, your comment on this?

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a project aimed at looting the wealth of Balochisthan. I can say with authentic evidence and proof that China has looted around three trillon tonns of gold from Baloch mines with the help of Pakistan army. There are around two hundred thousand army men being deployed in this area. This is for crushing the Baloch people and to kill the freedom fighters of Balochisthan. This is not development project .This is utter loot by the China and Pakistani army in the name of development. This is a genocide of the Baloch people . This is infact China Punjab exploitation corridor.

There are reports that Pakistani army generals and retired generals are frequently flying to China and that they have certain tacit understanding with Chinese military. Your comments on this?

The Pakistan army chief Raheel Sherif is a theif, a dacoit and a looter and he has a puppet Prime Minister in Nawas Shareif who is again a thief, a dacoit and corrupt to the core. The Pakistani generals has always been bribed by Chinese and we can say that just like British has occupied India, Pakistan is infact under the control of China and Chinese army. Its a new Chinese colony for China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Pakistan exploits not only of Balochs but also Sindhis, Pasthuns and Saraikis. This army is a mercenary army not for the people but for a few officers who wants to loot. The generals and their families are enjoying from the ill gotten wealth from the Chinese and various other exploitations by the army. They can fly out to any where in the world through this oppression and occupation but the days are not far enough for an end to this.

Your community have been fighting against each other and how then can you fight against such a major force like Government of Pakistan?

You cant say that Pakistan is a state. Its a failed state. To be a government you have to have judiciary ,media but you cant see anything in Pakistan. All are being controlled by the army and it's the army which rules the roost. We don't care that and we fight till we get result. We have around thirty thousand Baloch people missing, either kidnapped and killed by the Pakistani army or used for organ trading and then mutilated and killed. So either way it's human rights violations at is zenith in that place.

There were two recent suicide attacks in Balochisthan and the ISIS has claimed that they have done the killings. What do you feel on this?

The Daiesh or rather the ISIS is a product of Pakistan and I don't see any difference between these militants and the Pakistani army. I can vouch that the Pakistani army had given all the men and material for both these suicide attacks, one in the police academy and the other in the Shah Noorani shrine. We have confirmed reports that in general the killers come from the Pakistan army camps and then go back there. The killers of this suicide attack has also come from the Pakistani army camps in Balochisthan and that the support to this international terror group is by and large from Pakistan. 57 young police cadets from Balochisthan were killed in the attack on the Police academy in Quetta. These cadets had completed their training programme and they had gone home but were called back and on the same day there was an attack which resulted in the death of our people. Educated trained Baloch youths were killed. In the attack on the Shah Noorani Shrine in mountaionous Khazdar district a seventeen year old boy blew himself up killing 52 people and injuring around 100. This is an attack totally with the know of the Pakistani rouge army.

Tell us about your family.

My husband was an activist of the Baloch national movement and he was a documentary film maker and a teacher as well. However he was once picked up by the Pakistani special squad and put in the dreaded Pakistani torture cell for two years. He was under their custody for almost two years and has been terribly attacked and I can't describe the resilience he has shown amidst such a murderous attack by these monsters. His body bore marks of cut and torture through out and we had to flee our motherland as all three of our boys are grown up. We are now settled in Canada and two of my sons are working and supporting the cause. Another son Mir Mazdak is in the movement and is right now in India with me. My husband is bed ridden and is in Canada.

When are you going back to your mother land?

I can't say now as a revolutionary has to respond to the call of the nation. However in this circumstances, if I land in Baloch land, I will be assassinated but if there is need of me in the ground level, naturally I will join our people who are fighting these dreaded people in the garb of army.

Is a free and independent Balochistan a nearby possibility or a remote chance, your comment?

It's a real possibility and never a remote chance. We are fighting for that and with the help of friendly countries and international support, we will form an independent Balochisthan.

How is the response of major Indian political parties, social movements and Media towards you and your movement?

I am thankful to all the Indian political parties for their heartfelt support to us. They were all kind enough and are in unison in their support towards us. I am also thankful to the Indian social movements and major think tanks for rendering their ear towards us and for giving us platforms to project our side of the story on the atrocities and rights violations taking place in that part of the world. The Indian media has been overwhelming in its support towards us and we are really thankful to you all.

According to news reports emanating from Pakistan and as we all know, that country is totally under the grip of the army and the dreaded ISI, your comments on this?

There is no country or government as such in Pakistan as I had earlier said. Its only a failed state controlled by the ruffians in the garb of army and the intelligence agency like the ISI which is depicted across the world as a rogue agency. This agency and this army is responsible for export of terror across the world and supporting such dreaded organizations like the Lashkar, ISIS and all the ills plaguing the world.

How well is Baloch people responding to Indian initiatives in Balochisthan or rather the support given by India and her people towards you and your community in your struggles?

The people of Balochisthan are well versed on what the kind of support the people of India are providing them and is really thankful for this.




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