Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Aali Bugti has official patronage

ISLAMABAD: Nawab Akbar Bugti’s young grandson Aali Bugti, who recently staged an abrupt comeback in Dera Bugti, marking the revival of the return of the possible hold of the clan on the area, has the official patronage and acquiescence, it is learnt.

“Aali Bugti did not suddenly emerge on the murky Balochistan horizon without an understanding with the powers that matter,” an informed source told The News on condition of anonymity.

He said that allowing, rather facilitating, Aali’s return to Dera Bugti was a potent effort of influential circles to tackle Brahamdagh Bugti, who is charged with commanding terrorist activities in Balochistan from Afghanistan and openly speaking and working against the integrity of Pakistan. Brahamdagh does not hide his plan and actions.

Officials say that after constant battering from all around over the growing sense of alienation in Balochistan, powerful quarters that have been in contact with Aali Bugti decided that he returns to Dera Bugti to mark his presence. This would have a soothing effect on the Balochistan scenario, they believe, saying that the official machinery had clear instructions to extend full facilitation and protection to the young Bugti in his activities.

Aaliís comeback was also intended to alleviate the overall sense of disaffection and estrangement in Balochistan that touched new highs after the recent murder of three Baloch leaders, the official said.

Despite efforts and dropping a message at his Dera Bugti residence by this correspondent, Aali Bugti was not available for comments. The phone attendant said that he was busy meeting different delegations from the area.

Aali is the first scion of the assassinated elder Bugti, who has come back to the Bugti Fort after the slaying of Akbar Bugti in a military strike in the Kohlu mountains on August 26, 2007. At the time, apart from Brahamdagh, he was also present with Nawab Akbar Bugti in his cave. He and others were asked by Bugti to leave before he was killed.

Sources said that after the bloody episode, Aali, son of late Rehan Bugti, went into hiding and stayed in and outside Pakistan till his sudden appearance in Dera Bugti last week with a bang, flanked by scores of armed guards. Bugtiís other grandson, Brahamdagh, preferred to fight against Pakistan and fled to Afghanistan.

They said Aali Bugti, like his grandfather, strongly believed in the federation of Pakistan. They were doubtful about any contacts between Aali Bugti and Brahamdagh, son of Nawabzada Salim Akbar Bugti. But they said that he was opposed to Brahamdaghís present strategy.

The political legacy of Akbar Bugti, the Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP), is now split into two factions — one headed by Aali and the other by the deceasedís son Talal Bugti. Talal does not enjoy recognition from his people and he was asked by his father, when he was alive, to stay away from Balochistan. Aali and his uncle, Talal, are on different wavelengths and have estranged relations. Talal, who is living in the Bugti House Quetta, has not yet visited Dera Bugti after the assassination of his father.

Officials say that Aali has the acceptance and backing of the people of Dera Bugti because of being nominated by his slain grandfather as his heir and Sardar of the Bugti tribe. They said the government would like Aali to use his influence to calm Brahamdagh down and persuade him to come back to Pakistan

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