Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We wish to set up India-Baloch forum in Varanasi'

VARANASI: Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch on Sunday lauded India's support for the case ofher people and said they are willing to establish an India-Baloch forum in Varanasi. Once Balochistan is independent, Indians would require no visa to visit that country.

"To all those who need reasons to support us in our struggle for freedom, I wish to ask how do you plan to fulfill your energy requirements which would double by 2030 or which routes would you take to sell your products as all the routes including Karachi, Gwadar, Chabahar are Baloch ports. With India's role in our freedom, no cost for security would be taken from Indians as we intend to strengthen the bond. No visa would be required by Indians to enter free Balochistan," Baloch said while addressing a function organized by Ganga Mahasabha here on Sunday.

She said "Basic objective behind establishment of the forum is to initiate dialogues. Of all the places we have so far visited, only the people of Varanasi willingly came forward and asked us to set up our government in exile here. Now we plan to establish our Indo-Baloch forum here as well."

She said there are more than 7-10 lakh Baloch people living in India and reiterated setting up Baloch government in exile in Varanasi following approval of the government.

Enumerating similarities between Varanasi and her hometown Mehrgarh in Balochistan, Quadri said, "Both of them are the only two cities to have seen the origin of urban civilization with prominent rivers like Ganga and Bolan passing through it. Mehrgarh itself is located on Bolan river, a perennial stream that has now completely dried up. Do not let river Ganga dry as it is revered as Maa. We could not save Bolan but science and religion can help save Ganga which would mean retaining civilization of Varanasi and in turn, revival of Mehrgarh."

Baloch hailed PM Modi as hero of Baloch people for raking up issue of Balochistan in his Independence day speech and said that the mere mention of atrocities against our people resulted in waking up of world to our sufferings.

"My uncle, who was also a friend of the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru, went to the latter seeking support to help free the independent Balochistan from clutches of Pakistan, but nothing happened. It is after 70 years that India's hero in the form of PM Modi came forward and is now our hero too," she said.

Stating Balochi phrase, "Ek katore paani ki keemat, sau saal wafa" (Value of one pot of water is 100-year loyalty)", she added that Modi's statue would be the first to be installed in her land after independence of Balochistan.

Baloch also shed light on presence of myriad temples including Kali temple, Mahadev temple and the famous Hinglaj Mata temple in Balochistan and said that keeping the Hindu temple safe from atrocities of Pakistan has become a big challenge.

"Several Hindu Baloch have sacrificed their lives trying to keep the temple safe while their wives and daughters are being raped and tortured. If free, we plan to develop Hinglaj as a city like Varanasi so those visiting from here feel at home," she said.

Baloch also highlighted role of women in the struggle for freedom and said that their movement has class and gender character with leadership of highly qualified Baloch people. She said that Baloch's liberation charter states that a democratic government has no religion. She also shared light of her husband who was kept in the infamous torture camp by Pakistan and upon his return he was tagged as a RAW agent.

She further said that Pakistan, which boasts of Islam as its religion, has only one relation with Islam and that is of hatred for Islam and Muslims as it kills and rapes our women, is involved in terrorist activities, and trades organs of our youths.

Later, upon being asked to become first PM of Balochistan after independence, Baloch said, "People like me fight and struggle for country's freedom and die. A PM is a person who is voted by one and all so let Baloch people decide that. I only wish to fight for our freedom and die."

Her son, Mir Mazdak Dilshad Baloch, also spoke of the atrocities of Pakistan and sought support from denizens of city in attainment of freedom of Balochistan. He asked people to take help of social media platforms and to use 'word of mouth' to tell people about sufferings of Baloch and gather their support.

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