Monday, November 7, 2016

Tarek Fatah says Baloch leaders are playing Chess

Tarek Fatah in his latest tweet says Balochistan leaders are playing chess by  showing a picture of Dr.Allah Nazar and Dr. Manan. And he further adds that Mañan was killed by Pakistan Army.

Whether his intention is good or bad is debatable.

These leaders are fighting on the ground unlike others who are enjoying a five star life in secure Western capitals. Baloch are wise enough to understand who is ultimate beneficiary of this clever sarcastic potshot by Tarek Fatah.

Dr.Allah Nazar is target of internal and external forces, who. are hell bent to discredit his reputation. Instead of showing appreciation for his work and encouraging, he is been viewed as a hurdle for probable reasons. Baloch people must watch out and take note of these things.

God save Balochistan.

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