Sunday, November 6, 2016

Is it Pakistan or Punjabistan?

Is Pakistan for all or only punjabis?

1. Prime Minister punjabi.
2. Interior Minister punjabi.
3. Defense Minister punjabi.
4. Foreign Minister punjabi.
5. Law Minister punjabi.
6. Information Minister punjabi.
7. Finance Minister punjabi.
8. Railway Minister punjabi.
9. More than 90% Ambassador of   Pakistan in world are punjabies.
10. 85% of Pakistan Army, civil and military establishment belong to punjab.
General headquarters (GHQ) in punjab.
There are 11 CORPS of Pakistan, 7 in punjab.
11. Chief of Pakistan army: punjabi.
12. Chairman Joint Chief of staff punjabi.
D.G ISI punjabi.
13. D.G 'Intelligence bureau punjabi.
14. Chief of General Staff punjabi.
15. Chief of Logistic Staff punjabi.
16. Inspector General arms punjabi.
17. Adjutant General punjabi.
18. Quarter Master General punjabi.
19. Inspector General training and Evaluation punjabi.
20. MILITARY Secretary punjabi.
21. Inspector General Communications and it punjabi.
22. Engineer in Chief punjabi.
23. More than 85% of Pakistan army are punjabis.
24. Chief of Navy punjabi.
25. Chief of Air force punjabi.
26. 43 out of 49 of Federal Secretaries are punjabis.
27. The Chief Justice of Pakistan within month will be a punjabi.
28. The Governor of State Bank is punjabi.

Do Baloch have any role or room for Pakistan are we treated as Pakistanis?

From here comes resentment and anger.
How long this punjabi ruled Pakistan will survive only God knows, but injustice never prevails.

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