Sunday, November 6, 2016

PM Modi put focus on our struggle, says Baloch leader

Pankaj Kapoor, TNN

Varanasi: Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch said that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue of atrocities against Baloch people, the entire world has woken up to their suffering. She advocated a Baloch government in exile with its headquarters preferably in PM's constituency Varanasi.

"As a mark of gratitude towards PM Modi, the Baloch people would install his life-size statue in Balochistan, and entry of all Indians would be made free after Balochistan gets freedom," Baloch told TOI on Saturday evening.

Baloch is in Varanasi to take part in a two-day programme of Sanskriti Samvad held by Ganga Mahasabha to discuss issues like common civil code, Ganga, Baloch problem, challenges for national security, social harmony and role of Banaras in cultural conservation.

The programme was addressed by Shankaracharya Vasudevananad Saraswati, noted Islamic scholar Moulana Kalbe Sadiq and senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar.

"Modi ji has become the hero of people of Balochistan as he is the only person who gave moral support to us through reference in his speech. I can connect so much with his parliamentary constituency as its historical significance is very much alike to Mehrgarh (the place I hail from) which is the world's oldest city and oldest known civilization. The youths of Varanasi remind me of the Baloch youths and I have got several offers to form the government in exile here," a smiling Baloch said.

Impressed by the zeal of the city denizens to save the Ganga and civilization, Baloch said, "I get all the positive vibes here. What has impressed me the most is the attitude of people who are keen to save the river Ganga and its civilization. The effort is not just restricted to people of one religion, but the campaign is supported by people of all religions."

"We have lot of hopes from Indians and with all the support, government would also be with us," she said".

"The Baloch people have been struggling for freedom from Pakistani oppression ever since the Pakistan army attacked and invaded us in March 1948. We have been deprived of our resources, education, jobs, infrastructure and even health care services. Unfortunately, the child/mother mortality rate is the highest in Balochistan with that close to parts in Africa," she lamented.

"For the liberation of Balochistan, it is essential to have a safe place to initiate dialogue to prepare a roadmap of a government in exile and India is suitable for it,"she added.

Baloch said, "If free, we would be a country with less population and lots of resources. Hence, it would not take long for us to be on the road to development. We would call engineers and skilled people besides learned individuals from all across the globe and compete in development race with others within five years."

Baloch, who has been visiting all over the country to participate in seminars pertaining to the "struggle for an independent Balochistan", will head on to Kolkata, Kerala, Chennai, Hyderabad and Gujarat to seek support of people. "We also plan to hold a Baloch conference and Baloch settled in different places across the globe will be invited to it," she added.

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