Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Baloch People of India: Expressing Solidarity with their Brethren across the Border

Baloch Foundation of Hind
21/A, Daulat House, V.P. Road, Near Khoja Jamat Khana, Gaondevi Temple, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058.

EVENT: Conference

TITLE : The Baloch People of India:
Expressing Solidarity with their Brethren across the Border

The leading participants in the
conference are:

Shri.Ramdas Athawale Union Minister for Social Justice

Prof Naela Qadri , President , World Baloch Women's Forum

Mazdak Baloch , Baloch Activist

VENUE : All India Institute of Local Self Government , Sthanikraj Bhavan, C.D. Barfiwala Road, Juhu Gali, Cordinator
Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058.

DATE : 29th October, 2016

TIME : 6.00 p.m.


Mansoor Baluch – 9833776744
Afsar Ali Baloch – 9820786124

Soon after Prime Minister Modi’s historic decision to raise the issue of the sufferings of the Baloch people at the hands of one of the most notorious modern armies of the world in Pakistan, there has been a fresh wave of energy sweeping the Baloch diaspora all over the
world. They are now looking at themselves as a community who can be proud of their identity as a brave and proud nation. The woeful tales of Baloch people— subjected to worst kind of brutalities by one of the most heavily equipped, trained armies of the world, backed by big powers (USA, China and now even Russia!!)— are now doing the rounds all over the world capitals. It is a moment of historic resurgence, a moment that no Baloch can ignore.

It is often forgotten that there is a sizable Baloch population in India who have settled down in this country over time and regard themselves as proud Indians. In a country that has evolved as a democracy which respects diversity, the Baloch have never felt ignored, humiliated or oppressed. However, they have always looked at their brethren in Pakistan with a great degree of concern and anguish. Since the middle of the last decade, the Baloch people of India settled in different areas of northern India— in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rohillakhnd and even in Punjab and Rajasthan— are using social media to interact with each other, re-establish contacts and develop a sense of community among themselves.

Over the years, awareness about the plight of their brethren in Pakistan has grown within this community and after Prime Minister Modi’s expression of concern, a strange sense of solidarity has taken roots among them. They are now coming together to explore ways and
means of spreading awareness about the gross human rights violations taking place in Pakistan and convey their sentiments to their brethren across the border. There is new-found zeal among them to provide a forum for Baloch intellectuals and activists and disseminate information about the Pakistani army’s barbaric acts of oppression and suppression against an innocent people ignored by history and international community.

The Baloch people of India seek to complement the efforts of concerned Indian intellectuals, activists and experts to spread awareness about the miseries and sufferings of the Baloch people, the most secular and liberal among the Muslims in the world and fighting for their rights in a land which they have called their own for centuries. But for the conspiracies of the colonial rulers (the British) and the myopic and self-aggrandising leadership of the Muslim League, the Baloch people would have had a free country of their own today. Their epic struggle spread over last 69 years has to be brought to light and Pakistan’s true image has to be exposed to the world community.

The Baloch people of Mumbai, Maharashtra, are organising a one-day conference to be graced by leading experts, diplomats, and activists from Baluchistan, which is under illegal occupation of Pakistan. The conference seeks to inform and educate the people in Mumbai about the condition of the Baloch people in Pakistan.

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  1. I came to know about the plight of Baloch people in Pakistan very recently. Seen a lot of videos and I really felt very sad about them. I am with Baloch people. Hats of to Dr Naela, Dr Allah Nazar, Shri Brundat Bugati and other leaders.