Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quetta Police Training College attack

Cadets passed out and returned homes but they were called back. Then the attack took place. What this signals for? https://t.co/49xMdWEGkk

Let's not buy the lies and propaganda of Pakistan's controlled media. There was no ISIS or LeJ involved. Their names and the picture were used to divert the attention from the real culprits, which is the FC, an anti-Baloch force mostly consists of Pashtun soldiers and Punjabi officers.

Now, if you ask me or anybody why FC did it? The answer is very simple and clear, even a kid of politics can see it.

Pashtun FC doesn't want the 500 Baloch police officers to take over the charge and control of the security apparatus in Balochistan into their hands and leave FC out of business with their running of an illegal and unconstitutional parallel government in Balochistan. It was a clear conflict of interest and the decision was made with the full knowledge and approval of GHQ.

The Lawyers incident in August and the suicide attack on police funeral in Quetta in 2013 were also the links of this attack in which score of police officers were killed, which were also handy works of FC to eliminate Baloch police force and lawyers who would be a challenge their illegal and unconstitutional parallel Government in Balochistan or pose a threat to their interests.

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