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Balochistan govt fails to deliver: Magsi Published: April 08, 2010 Print Facebook Digg StumbleUpon Text Size QUETTA – Expressing his concern over deteriorating law and order situation in the province, Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi declared on Wednesday that unless the feudal lords and incompetent people, including himself sitting in the assemblies, were not sent to the gallows, no change in the system or improvement of situation was possible. Magsi, known for being straightforward, was talking to the representatives of protesting lawyers over failure of police and other security agencies to recover their fellow Mohammad Iftikhar Advocate, who was kidnapped last month on gunpoint when he was on his way from home to drop his children at school. The lawyers, who have been protesting since his abduction, staged a demonstration in front of Governor’s House and later met Magsi at his o

Take Permission from Sindh before supplying gas to power stations in Punjab, says MQM

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for overseas Pakistanis and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Parliamentary Leader in the National Assembly DR. Farooq Sattar said that permission should be taken from Sindh before supplying gas to power stations in Punjab. Initiating debate on 18th amendment Bill 2010 here in the National Assembly on Wednesday, he said, 90 million cubic feet gas is being supplied to three power stations in Punjab from Sindh due to which industrialists in Karachi would be shut down soon. Farooq Sattar demanded of the Government that sales tax should be handed over to Provinces because true Provincial autonomy is incomplete unless all the Provinces are given fiscal and financial Powers to run their business. He said, Sindh is the highest Sales Tax payer Province whereas Punjab gets the major share of the tax on the basis of population. Real autonomy is financial autonomy. He demanded to give powers to people for writing their own fate and only then the caliber and potential

23 ministries, departments to come under the control of provinces with the approval of 18th amendment

ISLAMABAD: Twenty-three ministries and departments will be shifted to provinces with the approval of 18th amendment from the parliament, however, its implementation will be made in phases. According to Cabinet Division (CB) sources 8 ministries and departments will go to provinces on the complete abolition of concurrent list and due to change in federal legislation list No 1 and No 2, as many as 15 more ministries will come under the control of the provinces. As per statistics obtained by Online, over 50000 employees would also be transferred to the provinces following the abolition of concurrent list. Among them over 30000 employees belong to Punjab, 10000 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 7000 to 8000 Sindh and 2000 to 3000 Balochistan, AJK and Gilgit and Baltistan. Official sources told development projects worth Rs 200 billion would also be shifted to the provinces in consequence of shifting of control of 23 departments to the provinces. Employees will be transferred to their respective provi

Are you current with the concurrent list! By Cyril Almeida Thursday, 08 Apr, 2010 ISLAMABAD: Bye-bye concurrent list, we never even got to know each other. With the concurrent legislative list set to be abolished by the 18th Amendment, provincial autonomy will be enhanced — at least that’s the claim of the parties championing maximum autonomy for the provinces. But will it? Let’s start with the basics. What’s a federation? For our purposes, it is enough to describe it as a multi-tier system of government: there is a centre, Islamabad, and there are constituent units, the provinces. The opposite is the unitary state, where, as the name suggests, there is only one tier of government. The immediate question when you have two tiers of government: who does what? The smallest federal government is, theoretically, limited to defence, currency and foreign affairs; the largest could be, well, ev

Senate Body condemns killing of 3 Baloch youth by Afghan border security forces ISLAMABAD: Senate standing committee on Interior has condemned the incident of killing of three youth from district Zob of Balochistan by the Afghan border security forces and directed the Foreign Office to take up this matter with the Afghan government, besides seeking report from the Afghani Ambassador in this regard immediately. Senate Standing Committee met here on Wednesday under the chair of its chairman, Senator Talha Mehmood. The committee reviewed the matter related to killings of three youths from district Zob by Afghan security borders personnel. The Interior secretary Qamar Zaman told the committee that “we have sent the report to the foreign office, which is based on the information provided by the local security agencies. These three youths were lifted by 3 uniformed personnel of the Afghan border security forces on December, 31, 2009 and were tortured and killed by them inside the Afghan territory. The Sen

Five killed in Balochistan violence

QUETTA: Five people were killed and six others injured in three incidents of violence in Balochistan on Tuesday. In Quetta, armed men on a motorcycle fired at three people near Jinnah town, killing two of them and injuring the third. The deceased were identified as Tahiruddin and Mohsin Nasir and the injured as Mohsin Ali. In Khuzdar, a man was killed when his car was attacked on the Masjid road. Abdul Karim Raisani died on the spot while his driver Mohammad Azam was injured. Two Bugti tribesmen were killed and four injured when a landmine exploded in Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti. Sources said the tribesmen were collecting firewood when they stepped on the mine.

Balochistan can become another Swat' Upadated on: 07 Apr 10 03:32 PM Staff Report ISLAMABAD: Awami National Party (ANP) leader Asfand Yar Wali has said in the National Assembly that 18th amendment was being delayed due to issue of renaming NWFP. There was no other alternative but to put Khyber with Pukhtoonkhwa. He said that if the environment for national reconciliation is not established than Balochistan would become another Swat within a year. Participating in debate over 18th amendment in the National Assembly, Asfand Wali Yar said that 18th amendment bill was being delayed due to issue of renaming NWFP. He said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was insisting to rename NWFP as Khyber and he has only two options. One was to tear the 18th amendment bill into pieces whereas second option was to strive for collective consensus. He said that if any province is kept in isolation then everything will be destroyed. The ANP leader said that 61