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Circular debt turns cash rich OGDC into cash starved

Thursday, March 04, 2010
Outstanding receivables touch Rs 84.6 bn

By Khalid Mustafa

ISLAMABAD: The government-owned Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) has become a major victim of the circular debt, which has jeopardised its exploration & production plans and the payment of royalties to the provinces.

A highly informed senior official of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources told The News: “If no attention is paid to OGDC’s fiscal problems then its entire business plan of US$1 billion for the ongoing fiscal year will be badly hurt and aggravate the ongoing energy crisis in the country.”

Well placed sources said the Dhakni field expansion was already in the doldrums as it required $200 million investment and the cash strapped OGDC was not in a position to invest because of the circular debt issue.

“The OGDC has traditionally had rich cash flows but the circular debt is crippling its affairs as its outstanding receiv…

Stark contrast in assets of BA members\03\04\story_4-3-2010_pg7_9

* Balochistan chief minister owner of one of country’s most expensive cars
* JUI member lives in house valued at Rs 50,000

By Irfan Ghauri

ISLAMABAD: While poverty is rampant across Balochistan, some legislators, chieftains and landlords are leading a life the common Baloch can only dream of.

The disparity does not end at a comparison between the common Baloch and legislators: asset declarations file by members of the provincial assembly with the Election Commission are also in stark contrast to each other. While some legislators own nothing but humble abodes, others own properties and assets valued at billions of rupees.

Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani – in his asset declaration for 2009 – has disclosed that he owns a ‘Hummer H2’ valued at Rs 20 million. He claims the car was gifted to him by a friend from the UAE. The chief minister’s inherited property has an accumulated value of Rs 70.27 million.

Armed forces still calling the shots in Balochistan: HRCP

Thursday, March 04, 2010
By our correspondent


Decision-making in Balochistan lies firmly in the hands of those who were in command before the February 2008 elections, and it is the military that still calls the shots, claimed a Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) report on Balochistan titled ‘Pushed to the Wall.’

The report contains observations of an HRCP fact-finding mission led by Chairperson Asma Jahangir, which spent over a week in the province. The fact-finding mission began its work on October 5, 2009 and tried to meet with as many people as it could from different schools of thoughts and political and ethnic groups.

“Balochistan , the largest federating unit of the state, can only be likened to an active volcano that may erupt anytime with dire consequences. The situation is alarming and worsening by the day,” the report said.

“Violations of human rights in Balochistan are widespread and harrowing,” the report sai…

Protests across Balochistan over Khuzdar blast

Daily Times Monitor

LAHORE: Protesters blocked the Quetta-Karachi Highway, ransacked a state-run Utility Store and set a post office on fire after two students were killed and 10 others injured in Tuesday’s blast in a cultural function at the Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology in Khuzdar, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday.

Students boycotted their classes and took out rallies, and blocked the National Highway leaving traffic stranded for several hours. Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani formed an inquiry commission and announced that Rs 0.5 million would be paid to the families of the deceased students. Balochistan Students Organisation-A (BSO-A) has announced that a shutter-down strike will be
observed in the province today (Thursday).

NADRA issued CNIC to Reigi in Balochistan\03\04\story_4-3-2010_pg7_39Daily Times Monitor

LAHORE: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has issued more than 25,000 Computerised National Identity Cards (CNICs) to foreigners in Balochistan, including Abdul Malik Reigi, leader of the banned Jundullah outfit, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday. The name written on Reigi’s CNIC is Saeed Ahmed s/o Ghulam Haider, the channel reported. Also, the Federal Investigation Agency has arrested 12 foreigners in a raid at the NADRA office in Balochistan. The foreigners had come to collect
their CNICs.
CNIC on Rigi lands Nadra into trouble By Syed Irfan Raza
Thursday, 04 Mar, 2010 An official also rejected reports that Nadra had issued over 25,000 fake CNICs to foreign nationals. “First of all, this is impossible and, secondly, Nadra has nothing to do with the registration of foreigners because it is done by the National Aliens Registration Authority.” – Photo by APP. EDITOR…

BSO-NA condemnsKhuzdar: Blast in a cultural show in Engineering University

Baloch Society strongly condemn the cowardice attack on Baloch students who were celebrating their organized cultural day and ask human right organizations and international community to take notice of these ongoing attack on Baloch people. These attacks are not isolated incidents but are a part of an ongoing organized genocide and humiliation of Baloch people in their own homeland in Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan.
BSO-NA asks the International community to not close their eyes over these crimes against humanity. Baloch people living under occupation in fear and hopelessness are calling for international intervention which is long overdue. The United Nation must fulfill its duty towards Balochistan.Baloch society asks all Baloch political parties and Baloch Diaspora to shun their difference and unite to prevent such future attacks on Balochs and defend the Baloch land, coasts and resources with a unity. >>

FC fired misile at a Baluch Student in Kuzdar Engineering University

Today FC fired misile at a Baluch Student in Kuzdar Engineering University. One Baluch was shaheed and 28 injured. Baluch student were peacefuly holding program on Baluch Cultural day.
BSO Azaad Lasbella Zone Organised a Great Balochi Cultural Show on 2nd MARCH International Balochi Culture Day in LUWAMS Campus Ground.
Peolpes of Lasbella & near by visited the show & they highly apreciated BSO Azaad on Organizing such a great BALOCHI CUltural show in a critical Siruation when BALOCHISTAN is in a war.. Peoples were all dressed in BALOCHI costume's.. Man's were wearings great BALOCHI PAAG's.,Long Balochi Shalwar's.,BALOCHI Handmade Vascoat's.,BALOCHI Handmade Cap's..nd Women's were Also wearing BALOCHI Costumes.. Its was highly appreciated by the visitor's .. They Apreciated aloot to BSO Azaad on organizing such a great show..
Show was divided into 3 parts.
1- E…