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Patriotism: A Baloch Cultural Tradition as Depicted in Modern Balochi Poetry

By Jan Muhammad Dashti, Chairman of the Balochi Academy, Quetta, (Balochistan) Pakistan
The love of a Baloch for his homeland has been phenomenal. "Although barren, the fatherland is worth anything", goes the saying, and folk traditions refer to the presence of the finest and costliest things in places once inhabited by the Baloch.
According to tradition, Bebagr, a folk hero of the 16th century, while bringing the daughter of one of the Afghan nobles from Kandahar very proudly describes the land of the Baloch to his Afghan sweetheart. "Let us go to the land that is of the Baloch, the town of Sibi is pleasing to our heart", he says. This reflects a deep sense of pride and lasting regard not only for the country but for everything attached to it.[1]
Another great national hero, Mir Chakar of the Rind tribe, bewails the factors causing the migration of the Baloch from Sibi with great sorrow, which shows his love for the land and his reluctance to give up that place.
Sibi …

Balochistan Is My Heart

Balochistan Is My Heart,

My Soul,
A Panacea For All Conceivable Pains Of Life.
Why Should I Not Sacrifice,
Or Hesitate To Suffer Indignities Of Confinement,
When My Motherland Is Facing The Poisonous Bullets.

You Will Face The Consequences Of Your Evils,
You Will Suffer From Trickery And Sweet Talks,
And Hateful Tauntings.
You Instill Fear Like Tigers,
You Boast As A Superior,
But I Have Never Seen Signs Of Bravery Or Respect For
In The Pages Of History.
Do Not Consider Me Helpless,
Do Not See My Condition As Miserable.
You Are Prosperous,strong,
I Am Weak,mindless.
But Do Not Be Off Guard,
The Day Will Come When You Will Account
For All Your Evil Doings.

Ghulam Rasool Mulla