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JWP, PML-N to move SC for Musharraf’s arrest, says Talal

Sunday, February 07, 2010 By Khalid Iqbal RAWALPINDI: Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) chief Talal Akbar Bugti has said he, along with the PML-N, would approach the Supreme Court for early arrest of former president Pervez Musharraf for the murder of his father Nawaz Akbar Bugti. He was talking to newsmen at the residence of Chaudhry Rehmat Javed, a close friend and classmate of late Akbar Bugti, who hosted a lunch for him on Saturday. Talal hoped that the Supreme Court would provide justice to him and the people of Balochistan by awarding exemplary punishment to the killers of the Baloch leader. The Punjab government provided foolproof security to him. A heavy contingent of the police and commandos escorted the motorcade of Talal Akbar Bugti. Talal Bugti said the people of Balochistan had faced worst situation during the Musharraf regime, as they had lost a true leader. The people of Balochistan were thankful to the people of Punjab as they proved true friends of the Baloch, he said

Feb 9 deadline for recovery of missing persons\02\08\story_8-2-2010_pg7_5 LAHORE: The Punjab Home Department has ordered all police officials, including the inspector general, to secure the release of all missing person by tomorrow (Tuesday). RPOs, CPOs and DPOs across the province have been asked to form joint investigation teams and keep the Home Department informed of all progress on this front. Acting on the orders of the Supreme Court, the government of Balochistan has directed all the police stations in the province to register first information reports in missing persons’ cases. The Balochistan home secretary said the government had issued directives in light of the Supreme Court orders to register a separate FIR for each missing person. The secretary the Home and Tribal Affairs department had received the documents of 65 missing people, eight of whom had been recovered. aaj kal report

Conspiracies against Balochistan Muhammad Ali With the announcement of the Balochistan Package, most if not all of the major concerns of the Baloch Nationalists have been complied with. Three months down the line, most of the stakeholders have fully absorbed the contents and have understood its implications. The next stage is the honest implementation of the package to benefit the ordinary Baloch in the long term. Unfortunately there are scattered voices opposing the comprehensive package. They can be identified as the ones whose monopoly will be disturbed after the empowerment of the common Baloch. Through his deep vision, the Prime Minister had identified the problems of Balochistan in the earlier part of his regime. That is why he set course on this issue with a democratic solution in mind. Instead of forcing a personal solution, committees were set up at various levels to get input from the affected quarters. At the same time all national parties were also taken

Children of Balochistan in Peril!

Kashmir Watch, Feb 7 By Asad Khan Betini Balochistan is suffering from Terrorists attacks and target killing, the daily carnage in the province has put all the children of Balochistan in post syndrome and bad psychological impact is being set on the children life. On the other hand the children of the inner districts including capital Quetta are rapidly falling into epidemic diseases like Measles, Typhoid, Malaria, and other fatal diseases and as many as 20 children have been reported dead in far flung areas and these are not in the hospital record but the provincial government seems inactive to direct the concern department to adopt preventive measures in this respect and save the lives. It is fact that children are the future of any nation, if children were persecuted in such fatal diseases it means the future is in peril. The sources informed that One case of HIV / AIDs in Killi Jan Abad area of district Zhob was detected during laboratory test in the Blood Bank of Zhob,

Rain, snowfall continuous in upper parts of country

Updated at: 1222 PST, Sunday, February 07, 2010 ISLAMABAD: The fresh string of rain and snowfall is continuous in upper parts of country with a regular interval of time including areas located in Kashmir, Balochistan, upper Punjab, and NWFP province, Geo news reported Sunday. The rain over western parts of country and snowfall over mountainous regions were predicted over most parts of country on Monday and Tuesday, met office forecast. The maximum rain – 55 milliliter – was recorded over Patin area during last 24 hours, met office said.

Powerful blast rocks Quetta

Sun, 07 Feb 2010 03:14:10 GMT Font size : Investigators stand near the site of a bomb blast in Quetta. Pakistan has been hit by another bomb attack, this time in Balochistan province, a day after twin bombings killed dozens of people in Karachi. On Saturday, twelve people were injured in the city of Quetta when a remote-controlled bomb targeting a security convoy was set off. Police say the bomb had been planted on a motorbike. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. The incident comes a day after two bomb attacks killed at least 33 Shia Muslims and injured 170 in Karachi. On Saturday, thousands of mourners attended the victims' funerals. Pakistan has experienced a wave of violence over the past two years in which nearly 3,000 people have been killed in bomb attacks and other terrorist operations across the country.

Jamali wants President to personally meet ’discontented elements’ of Balochistan ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister, Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali, has recommended to President Zardari to hold personal meeting with ’discontented elements’ of Balochistan. Jamali, who met President Asif Ali Zardari in Presidency here, suggested that, President Zardari’s this personal interaction with ’discontented elements’, to seek immediate end to sense of deprivation among the Baloch, would be more conducive in respect to the Balochistan Package. Sources have also informed Online that President Zardari has said that his democratic government would ensure implementation of all promises made with Balochistan masses, as he had full awareness to the problems and issues of Baloch. President Zardari declared Balochistan as an important Province of the Federation and all possible steps would be taken for the development of the province.

Buy land — they’re not making it anymore —Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

ANALYSIS: Buy land — they’re not making it anymore —Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur\02\07\story_7-2-2010_pg3_4 Instead of using the begged $ 2 billion to create another repressive and trigger-happy force, a better option would be giving these million acres to landless peasants and use this money to help them Mark Twain, American humourist (1835-1910), rightly said: “buy land — they’re not making it anymore”. The Gulf State rulers heed his advice while our nincompoops and jesters who pass off as rulers (civilian and military), politicians and bureaucrats either have not heard about it or are ignoring it because their loyalties lie with their pockets. They care not a whit for the people as they retire to farmhouses here or mansions abroad with all the looted money, leaving us to suffer the consequences. Shah Mehmood Qureshi recently said that Pakistan would press ahead with plans to lease or sell farmland to foreign investors. He said, “Many

3 security men among 10 injured in Quetta blast

By: Bari Baloch | Published: February 07, 2010 QUETTA – Ten persons including three security forces personnel were injured in a bomb blast in Quetta on Saturday. Official sources said the blast occurred due to an explosive device that was planted in a motorbike. They said the motorbike was parked near a hotel by unknown persons at Jinnah Road. Some eyewitnesses claimed that the blast occurred when vehicles of security forces were passing from the area. Firing was also heard soon after the blast. The sources said that 10 persons sustained injuries in the blast. Other people injured in the blast were shifted to Civil Hospital for treatment. The condition of the two injured was stated to be serious. Injured were identified as Naek Aqeel, Naek Innayat, Sepoy Shaukat, Muhammad Ikhlaq, Shah Muhammad, Muhammad Iqbal, Jehangir Khan, Gulbadin, Sajid Gul and Sabir. Two vehicles and some shops were also damaged in the blast. Police and FC personnel reached the site of the blast and surroun