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Slow investment in Gwadar criticized


Upadated on: 27 Jan 10 01:50 PM

Staff Report

GWADAR: Acting Chairman Gwadar Port Authority Ghulam Farooq Baloch has said that 82 ships anchored on Gwadar port during the last three years but Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) could not bring a single ship to the port. He further said that the government has power to amend or cancel the contract with the PSA.

He said this during a media briefing in Gwadar on Wednesday. Ghulam Farooq Baloch said that contract of Gwadar port with the PSA has some flaws.

The PSA has to invest US $525 million during 5 years but it has invested only US $30 million during the last 3 years. Baloch said that the PSA has been informed about the slow rate of investment.

The PSA will build a 4.2 km long birth and container terminal in next 15 years.

On the other hand, PSA says that the government promise of completing road network and industrial zone has not been fulfilled and that’s wh…

Jaffarabad DPO among 7 injured in bomb blast

By Malik Siraj Akbar

Daily times, Pakistan\01\27\story_27-1-2010_pg7_8

QUETTA: Seven people – including the district police officer (DPO) – were injured in a remote-controlled blast targeting a crowded bus station in Jaffarabad on Tuesday, according to police.

Police sources said the device – which had been fitted to a motorbike – went off as DPO Syed Farid Ali passed by en route to work from home.

The explosion also injured two other policemen and four civilians and destroyed several nearby shops. However, the AFP news agency said that four policemen were injured in the attack, and two of them were in critical condition. The injured have been admitted to hospital, and are reported to be in stable condition.

The Baloch Republican Army (BRA) has accepted responsibility for the attack. Police said an investigation had been launched.

Tuesday’s bombing marked the third attack in one week targeting security personnel in Balochistan. Four sec…