Saturday, April 17, 2010

Violence against women is against the Baluch tradition,

Two sisters, aged 11 and 13, were acid-thrown at their faces on Tuesday while they were on their way home from a shopping centre in Dalbandin City, district Chaghai Baluchistan. The girls were said to be injured, they were admitted to hospital 100s miles away and said to be in the grim condition.

Women in Dalbandin have enjoyed a relatively free movement and freedom to work and have contributed into a family economy in the traditional work places. Before the arrival of fanatic Islam in Baluchistan the Baluch Women could travel at daylight without male Relatives Companion in this region, which is still taboo in neighboring Islamic society.

Acid thrower ,” The pamphlet, which is in Urdu, declared that development did not mean that the local population went against the “Baloch culture of Chaddor and Char-Deewari” for women. It also clearly warned women and girls against stepping out of their houses with their faces uncovered, or even going to a doctor unaccompanied by a man. “Acid will be thrown on the faces of women and girls who step out of their houses without covering their faces,” the flyer says. It ends with a chilling warning: “People who fail to comply with these orders will themselves be responsible for the consequences.”

Chaddor means veil and Char deewari means the wall of the home. All the women in Baluchistan are already veiled. These two victims were wearing Baluch veil. The question for the Baluchistan nation is that, who will define the Baluch culture. I am sure Islamic fanatics are not the guardian of the Baluch culture. In the Baluch tradition Baluch women have never been concealed inside their houses walls.

It has been argued that religion contributed to identity formation. The Baluch society is a pre-Islamic society. The Baluch culture has been shaped and reshaped by pre-Islamic religion as much as it has been shaped by Islam. The Islam religion arrived in Baluchistan centuries ago; it had shaped the Baluch tradition, the symbols that Baluch waves around them are Islamic. The Karachi and Lahore Mullahs should keep their ways of practicing Islam for themselves.

It is not un-Islamic to go shopping or to visit ones doctors. It is not the first time the women in Baluchistan have been attack in the name of honor. Baulch condemn honour killing.
In the August 2008 five women allegedly were killed and buried. The killer was not ordinary criminal but the Pakistan people party minister. Senator Sardar Israrullah Zehri from Baluchistan in the Pakistan’s senate has defended honors killing. The governor of Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi did not condemn the five women honor killing instead he blamed the media.
Islam is being destroyed by half baked Mullah, from Karachi and Lahore religious schools. The world has not stood still. Baluch must change or perish. A religion and community that ignores existence of women outside their home, forbids modern economy, forbids the lending system and modern credit system that today’s modern civilization is based, Will not survive the modern epoch.
The Taliban has been expending their domination on the Baluchistan society. The traditional tribal powers are disintegrating. The reactionary tribal chiefs are not the match for the will organised religion organization with the international network and supports in the every corner of the Islamic world.
The Islamic fundamentalists have been tempted to integrate the Baluch traditionalist with Islam fundamentalist ideology. The consequences of Islamic fanatics and Baluch traditionalist the combination of two will be much uglier than the Taliban.


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