Sunday, April 11, 2010

In this day and ages legitimacy come from the will of the people.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Claims for independence is only accepted when independence seeker do have genuine support as reflected for high levels of support for politicians or political party. Nation do not enter the world with a fully formed nationalist consciousness; nationalists are constructed by political activist who seek to persuade enough of their members that it make sense to mobilise politically as a national minority for national goals.

Whether nationalist claim independence should be determined by the wishes of the majority of its members, as shaped and expressed through free democratic debate and competition to find best. When a nation is concentrated in a territory the nation can be mobilised along a nationalist line to acquire an independent state.

There are sizeable Baluch that have been dwelling in their traditional homeland. This group of human being have their own language, culture, and moral code different from rest of Iranian.

Baluch in Iran have no representation in Iranian central government. I do not know if Iranian have a constitutional court but I am certain that Baluch have not a representation in the Iranian constitutional court. The Iranian constitution discriminate Baluch religion. The Baluch language and culture are sentenced to dead by Iranian central government, there is no public founding for Baluch language and culture.

There is no recognition of Baluch homeland and history; there is no public holiday to celebrate the Baluch heroes. Baluch are not immigrant were encouraged to assimilate to the Persian society. It is wrong to perceive that over time Baluch would become undistinguished from Persian in their speech dress, and culture. Iranian forces have occupied Baluchistan since 1927, Baluch have been resisting their occupation on Baluch homeland and their domination on Baluch culture, because Baluch have different religion and moral value from the majorities Iranian and there is no sign thing will change soon for Iranian in Baluchistan.

Iranians have failed in Baluchistan to transforms their strength from obedience in to duty. Baluch people in Iran surrendered to Persian force, but the force is physical power and there is no will into the force. Iranian force cannot create a right. Disobedience is legitimate. We are obliged to comply with only legitimate powers, in this day and ages legitimacy come from the will of the people.

M. Sarjov

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