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CHINA WATCH: Weekly Report

Weekly Report 3|7 11.9.2019-11.15.2019
David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Jake Eberts, Brock Erdahl, Sandy Lu, Daniel Shats, and Connor SwankHighlights
The Central Committee released new guidelines for party member education and training and, with the State Council, guidelines for patriotic education (see Senior Leaders section).  

At the BRICS Summit in Brazil, Xi Jinping made a statement on Hong Kong that was highlighted in official media (see Senior Leaders section). 

Qiushi published a speech by Xi Jinping on the salience on the Communist Manifesto for contemporary Chinese communists (see Propaganda Work section). 

United Front Work Department Head You Quan explained the Fourth Plenum’s significance for united front work (see United Front section). 

The Central Military Commission held a conference on promoting the “grassroots construction” of the military (see CMC section). Senior Leaders
CCP Central Committee General Office Publishes “2019-2023 National Party Member Education and Training…
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Rare leaked documents detail China’s abuse of Muslims in Xinjiang

Photo credit: SupChina illustration by Derek ZhengOver the weekend, the New York Times published one of the most significant document leaks from the Chinese government in decades. The 400-plus pages of private speeches from high-level officials, internal memos, and records of investigations and disciplinary action all concern the government’s “People’s war on terrorism” in Xinjiang and the extralegal mass detention atrocity that it has led to.Here are some key takeaways from the documents, whose validity was not denied by the Chinese government:Four private speeches by Xí Jìnpíng 习近平, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, showed him in 2014 demanding that comrades “show absolutely no mercy” in dealing with those infected with “extremist religious thought.” Xi also “urged the party to emulate aspects of America’s ‘war on terror’ after the September 11 attacks.”Chén Quánguó 陈全国, the former Party leader in Tibet, was transferred to oversee Xinjiang in 2016, and used Xi’s…

Whosoever bargained the Baloch people’s blood for personal gains, the history will hold him accountable: Dr. Allah Nizar

Whosoever bargained the Baloch people’s blood for personal gains, the history will hold him accountable: Dr. Allah NizarNov 18, 2019(Current Balochistan)Baloch Pro-Independence leader Dr. Allah Nizar in his recent statement said that Baloch national movement for liberation, due to the collective struggle of the nation, has reached such heights that despite Pakistan´s horrendous aggression and naked crimes, it is now impossible for it to thwart the Baloch movement for liberation.He said that the Baloch nation cherishes and is psychologically attached to the National struggle with all the unity. These are the fundamental reasons why the nation wholeheartedly took part in the national struggle. The brutality of Pakistan is another factor too. The Baloch nation has strengthened the struggle making it powerful and effective by sacrificing their belongings and lives. With their constant efforts, they have spread the suppressed voice of the Baloch nation in every nook and corner of the world…

Revolutionary Poet was forcefully disappeared From Gwadar

.Nov 17, 2019(Current Balochistan)A revolutionary poet was forcefully dissperanced from Dasht area of Gwadar district Kech.According to details, a well-known Balochi revolutionary poet Obaid Arif was abducted by Pakistani military forces from Jaat Negwar area of Dasht and shifted to an unkown destination.He is the author of Gelaf a poetry book in Balochi language who was working in United Arab Emirates for several years and was returned to his hometown to see his relatives.

Two Surrendered Baloch commander were killed in Quetta and BLA claims responsibility.

Nov 7, 2019(Current Balochistan)A Baloch commander from Marri tribe who had surrendered before the Pakistani military has been gunned down by unknown gunmen in Quetta, Balochistan.According to details, Dauran Marri alias Buzurg and his brother Abdul Aziz Marri were critically injured earlier on Sunday when unknown armed assailants opened fire on their SUV in Quetta.They were taken to a local hospital but both were declared dead soon after.The brothers, who both were affiliated in past with Baloch Liberation Army, had surrendered before Pakistani military officials and pro-Pakistan tribal lord Changez Marri last year in an official ceremony.BLA claims responsibility:Baloch Liberation Army’s spokesman Jeyand Baloch has taken responsibility for the attack and has confirmed to the media in a released statement that their fighters were behind the attack.In the statement Jeyand Baloch has claimed that BLA fighters gunned down surrendered commander and head of a Pakistani death squad Dauran …

BMP endorses Pak-China consensus on CPEC’s direction

By RECORDER REPORT on November 17, 2019The Businessmen Panel of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry has announced to endorse the Pak-China agreement to set a new direction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for future cooperation in high economic impact areas, especially the shifting of the Chinese manufacturing units to Pakistan.Businessmen Panel (BMP) Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar said that the relocation of Chinese industry to Pakistan and providing Chinese financing facilities for future projects are the welcome steps and if we could put all energies and provide enabling environment, the newly-agreed framework has the potential to transform the country from low-income to a middle-income country in the next few years. He asked the government to focus only on those projects that had a high impact on Pakistan's economy.According to reports, the decisions to expand the CPEC scope were taken during the 9th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) meeting that was…

GWADAR: Pakistan has assured China for providing Sales Tax exemption for 23 years

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has assured China for providing Sales Tax exemption for 23 years and other tax exemptions on equipment and material purchased locally for industrial units established in the Gwadar Free Zone.According to official documents, Pakistan and China appreciated the progress of the construction of the Initial Zone of Gwadar Free Zone offered for luring business attraction. Both the sides agreed that further efforts are needed for business attraction explicitly stipulating sales tax exemption for 23 years and tax exemption on equipment and materials purchased in Pakistan locally.Pakistan and China also agreed that active efforts such as local tax breaks in Balochistan province and the provision of fiber optic communication by the Pakistani side are needed to address the development hurdles of the Gwadar Port and the Free Zone. Pakistan would offer the concessions in a piece of legislation to be tabled before the Parliament for promulgation into an act. Both the sides agreed…

Air Silk Road ferries blooming Dutch tulips to China

Source: Xinhua| 2019-11-16 18:07:18|Editor: huaxiaIn less than 24 hours, fresh-cut Dutch tulips are ferried from Triflor's greenhouse in the Netherlands to a florist's shop in central China's inland city of Zhengzhou.Thanks to the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Air Silk Road," the Dutch national flower and peony, an indigenous floral variety well-recognized across China, finally have the chance to vie with each other in beauty.And there are German-made auto parts, Norwegian salmon, French saddle ponies and Xinhua writers Ma Yunfei, Wang Ding and Liu HuaipiZHENGZHOU, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- Dutch farmer Erik van Dam was a bit tied up directing the plowing and sowing machines in a greenhouse of his Triflor tulip farm in the Netherlands, while others were busy harvesting the full-blown specimens before dawn.The farm owner didn't want to miss the planting season for tulip bulbs. The small bulbs will be separated and preserved for next year, with the bigger ones grown …

China’s Space Silk Road could pose a challenge to the US

By: Nathan Strout    2 days agoA new Congressional report explains how the theft of intellectual property has fueled the rise of China's space industry and that government's ambitious goal to become the dominant economic and military power in space. (How Hwee Young/Pool Photo via AP)China’s wants to replace the United States as the dominant power in space, a new report warned, and to hold onto this position the Pentagon should consider having the Space Force protect freedom of navigation and communications in space.The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission called out China’s aim to replace the United States as the premier power in space in its annual report released Nov. 14.“China’s government and military are determined to meet ambitious goals for space leadership, if not dominance, and China has connected its space program with its broader ambitions to become a terrestrial leader in political, economic, and military power,” the report said. “Beijing aims to esta…

Selling the Silk Road Spirit

China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Myanmar07 November 2019Policy briefingThis briefing aims to deepen discussion on the Belt and Road Iniatiative (BRI) in Myanmar. The BRI is often described as a ‘grand strategy’ led by President Xi Jinping, centrally planned and rolled out by obedient state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The sheer size of the initiative – 136 countries have received US$90 billion in Chinese foreign direct investment and exchanged US$6 trillion in trade with China - can make the BRI appear monolithic and inevitable. However, using a political economy analysis, this briefing demonstrates that the BRI is not a grand strategy, but a broad framework of activities that seek to address a crisis in Chinese capitalism. An examination of four BRI projects in Myanmar using Chinese language sources shows the extent of lobbying by Chinese SOEs and the Yunnan provincial government to promote the projects, with support from the central Chinese government.ProgrammesMyanmar in FocusDownl…